Headmaster Trump? Headmistress Dolores? If you really, really had to, we mean

Lucy ChristieSaba IftkharAdy LamYP ReporterKarina Chan

This week, we asked our readers, who do you think would make a worse head teacher – Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter, or US President Donald Trump? Here are our favourite answers ...

Lucy ChristieSaba IftkharAdy LamYP ReporterKarina Chan |

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Truth is stranger than fiction

Comparing a fictional character to a real life dictator would be highly unfair. I think Donald Trump is worse than Dolores Umbridge. In Harry Potter, Dolores Umbridge is extremely unforgiving and hostile towards the students and wizards of Hogwarts. But it doesn’t change the fact that ultimately, she’s just a character in a movie and in a book. Donald Trump is just as vehement and bitter, but the difference is that this is real life, and millions of innocent people are enduring the consequences of his actions. He abuses his powers despite knowing how influential he is globally.

Saba Iftkhar, 16, St Margaret’s Girls’ College, Hong Kong

Trump posts too much on Twitter

I think Donald Trump would make a worse head teacher because he’s intolerant and insulting. He’s always posting something discriminatory against women, minorities, or immigrants on Twitter. It would be crazy if he became a teacher, because he might end up changing the way students value women’s rights and racial equality. I believe he wouldn’t make a good teacher – just like he won’t make a good president.

Suki Kwok, 15, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School


You can’t sit with us

Dolores Umbridge would make a worse head teacher. Donald Trump would be bad, but at least he was voted into power by people who like him. No one in Hogwarts liked or supported Dolores Umbridge – she stopped all extracurricular activities from happening and didn’t let teachers say anything that she didn’t like. Everything that happened that year that was bad for the students happened because of her. Therefore I think that she would be a worse head teacher than Trump, because she would just abuse her powers.

Danny Wong, 14, Po Leung Kuk Mrs. Ma Kam Ming-Cheung Fook Sien College

Trump is a bore

I would say US President Donald Trump, as he does not respect people from other races and religion. Schools usually have students from all over the world. He would be a boring teacher anyway.

Mubassara Sirin, 15, St Margaret’s Girls’ College, Hong Kong

At least Trump has money

Dolores Umbridge, of course! I hate her so much that I would throw up every time I see her. If we were studying in a school where you end up with scars on your hand for misbehaving, that would be a bit of a concern for me, as I’m not what anyone would call a perfect student. Donald Trump wouldn’t be as bad. He may be a lunatic, but let’s not forget he is also a billionaire. Our school could be renovated with his money, and without leaky rooftops or stairs that creak and crack, I would be happier going to school.

Serena Yu, 13, St Mary’s Canossian College


Don’t picture this

They’re both lunatics, but one thing’s for sure, if Trump and Umbridge ever had a kid together, he or she would make every teacher sorry that they’d ever found education awesome. Just picture this enormous person wearing frilly pink garments, with Trump’s signature hairstyle, stampeding your school corridors, giving you the stink eye as they pass ... I think I should stop picturing that right now or I’ll be a step closer to imagining hell.

Janice Yeung, 13, St Mary’s Canossian College

Where’s my red cap please?

Definitely Umbridge. After all, her views actually harmed Hogwarts, as she was mainly working against it. I believe Trump would fully throw himself into a school, any school, and give out red caps that said: Make [name of school] Great Again!

Ady Lam, 11, Island School

I’m not saying Voldermort, but ...

Donald Trump would make a terrible, terrible head teacher. His beliefs would divide the student community into groups – he’d fuel the separation of purebloods and muggleborns (a metaphor for different races) and it would be Voldemort all over again. At least if it were Umbridge taking the role of headmistress, she would unite students to fight against the system, right?

Anne Kwok, 14, Diocesan Girls’ School

Where’s Firenze when you need him?

I’d rather Umbridge because she’s easier to deal with – someone give me a centaur please!

Karina Chan, 12, Shatin College

Think about it in the long run

Although Donald Trump is “crazy”, and has made many executive orders after becoming the US president, I think he will bring great changes to the country, and his decisions will let citizens improve their living standards. He is not as psychologically distorted as Dolores, who is stubborn and uses corporal punishments on her students. Therefore, I think Dolores would make a worse head teacher.

Carmen Wong, 14, Po Leung Kuk Ma Kam Ming College

For next week’s Top 10, if you had to live the rest of your life as a character from a book or a movie, who would you choose and why? Send your answers, along with your name, age and school, to [email protected], and our favourite answers will appear in next week’s Top 10!