Letters from the dorm: checking off my University of Toronto bucket list

By Tacye Hong, University of Toronto
By Tacye Hong, University of Toronto |

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One of those cool, suspended pods.

It seems like there’s an “official” bucket list for university students in Hong Kong. It consists of: studying, joining the executive team of a club, staying in dorm, getting a part-time job, and dating. For me, getting a part-time job is the most essential item on the list, as it will give you some spending money and much-needed real-world experience. However, I cannot fathom why studying is on this list. Shouldn’t this be a given?

Now in my third year, I am running out of time to check items off my own bucket list. After googling a “University of Toronto bucket list”, my friends and I decided to create our own version, and we are now frantically trying to complete it before 2018. On our list, we have:

1 Go to the gym at least once

After paying for the gym facilities for three years, we figured that we should at least use it once. We finally did this last month. We are glad that we went but we concluded that the spinning bike and the elliptical were so boring that we would rather be reading research papers.

2 Study in one of the pods at the Leslie L Dan Faculty of Pharmacy building

The study/lecture rooms in this campus building are huge pods suspended in the air, which is super cool things. The best part? I am writing this article from inside one of them! Check!

3 Go to a random lecture

Instead of “studying’ or “skipping lectures”, I decided that it would be more interesting if I go to a lecture for a class I am not enrolled in. I checked this item off when I attended the “Groups and Symmetries” lecture. The whole experience wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be ... but that might be because I am already doing a Mathematics minor anyway. I should have chosen the lecture on “Doppelgangers and Doubles”.

4 Pull an all-nighter at Robarts Library

The largest library on campus is open 24 hours a day during exam season, and we figure it would be fun to try it. But we don’t want to jeopardise our grades by having too much fun so we are putting this on hold.

5 Visit the planetarium

Our school has a planetarium and they offer tours. We heard the view is amazing.

6 Visit the Hart House farm

The farm is off the main campus but it is still part of our University. This will have to wait until the fall season, but I am already excited just imagining sipping apple cider and warming up in the sauna.

We hope to finish this list by June 2018, so it should not be too difficult.