Talking Points: what sport, club, or extracurricular activity would you like to see offered at your school?

Compiled by Sam Gusway

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Compiled by Sam Gusway |

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Joshua Leung, 12, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

I would like my school to add an after school animal care programme. By building a special place for animals, students could learn how to look after a pet at home. This would bring a lot of love into their lives and help them mature. At the same time, students would understand how precious life is and learn to face the death of an animal. Many Hong Kong students rely on their parents all the time, so this would teach them to be more independent, because would learn to care about others.

Saba Iftkhar, 16, St Margaret’s Girls’ College, Hong Kong

I’d love to see a Bollywood club in our school! We’d all jam to Hindi songs and enjoy ourselves while savouring South Asian delicacies. Being a Bollywood fanatic myself, I’d love to hold activities like dance-offs between hip-hop lovers and Bollywood dancers, or have a monthly Bollywood movie event. It would be something different that will draw everyone in and invite them to celebrate different cultures and be more accepting. Almost every school has a Chinese club. What about all the South Asian students? Our interests should be taken into consideration too. And who doesn’t love Bollywood? Hit movies such as 3 Idiots have been screened in countless languages all over the world – including in Hong Kong!

Elaine Kwok Ka-yi, 16, Tung Chung Catholic School

A Latin dance club would be great because it helps build character and offers many social benefits. We learn to focus as we concentrate on doing the steps in time with the music. It also helps us build more self-confidence and independence, and teaches us to face challenges bravely. You can dance with a team or partner, which means more communication with others, so you can apply the skills in other real-life situations.

Simon Lau Sai-hei, 12, Sheng Kung Hui Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

My school would be perfect if it had a model making class. That is my favourite hobby, so I would like to have this at my school. It is a activity that can train our brain and nerves. If we assemble the parts incorrectly, we can train ourselves to find the correct parts. One model is only about HK$35, and you can buy them at any toy store.

So Yuet-yu, 15, Tung Chung Catholic School

I would like to see a healthy eating club at my school. A lot of teenagers eat unhealthy food, but this club would teach us eat healthily, so we would eat whole grains biscuits instead of potato chips, yoghurt instead of ice cream, fresh fruit juice instead of cola. That way, we can maintain a healthy life by eating healthier.

Amber Hung Ki-yan, 15, Ma On Shan Tsung Tsin Secondary School

I would like to see a K-pop dance club at my school. It is very popular with teenagers, and most K-pop hits have lots of great dancing in their music videos. These dances are energetic and challenging, and many youngsters love to follow their steps.

A K-pop dance club could let us imitate our idols’ dance moves, and stay fit at the same time.

Bobo Cheung Hok-yu, 15, Ma On Shan Tsung Tsin Secondary School

I would like the school to offer an ice skating club. Ice skating improves your balance and help builds leg muscles because the movements – such as pushing and jumping – focus on the lower part of your body. It is a also a good aerobic exercise, so it’s a good way to get a great cardio workout. All this can help you keep fit and lose weight.

Christy Chan Chui-ying, 16, Tung Chung Catholic School

I would like to see ice hockey offered at our school. There are many physical benefits, because it is a speed sport, so you need to keep fit to play. Playing a difficult team sport like this, would help you learn team work and make more friends.

Kathy Wong, 17, Tung Chung Catholic School

The sport that I would like to see at my school is ice skating. Not only will it help us improve our balance, it would be a good way to socialise. The skating rink where we skate is large and many students can skate at the same time. We could easily talk about ice skating and help each other build a good relationship.

Tiffany Lai Ho-hyn, 14, Daughters of Mary Help of Christians Siu Ming Catholic Secondary School

I would like to have an archaeology club at my school. It combines history and science, and we would enjoy exploring some mysteries as we meet archaeologists. It is a good choice for students.

Kelvin Cheung, 17, Tung Chung Catholic School

I would choose a hiking club, because it’s good exercise and it can help us reduce our stress. It also gives us the chance to get closer to nature, where the air is cleaner and less polluted.

Javan Yuen Yui-ching, 15, Ma On Shan Tsun Tsin Secondary School

I would like to see an e-sports club at school. Many students like to play games like League of Legends, and these games can teach students about teamwork and team spirit. An e-sports club could organise an inter-school competition.

Michelle Wong, 16, Tung Chung Catholic School

I would like to see Latin dance at my school. Latin dance is popular in Hong Kong, and there are many competitions. It’s a good way to stay healthy and slim. The beat of rumba and salsa are also very relaxing , and we can make more friends because in Latin dancing we must have a partner.

Ady Lam, 11, Island School

Although my school very kindly offers a badminton club, I think that they should make it part of the curriculum. It’s not part of our physical education lessons every week, but it should be because it is an important sport, even if it is not as popular as football or basketball.

Tong Cheuk-hei, 14, Daughters of Mary Help of Christians Siu Ming Catholic Secondary School

I would like to see a dodgeball club at my school. Dodgeball is not very famous in Hong Kongso it would be good to promote it to all students. It is a team sport, so playing it will help build team spirit and sportsmanship.

Miffy Wong Sze-lam, 12, Sheng Kung Hui Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

I am a book lover. I like to read both Chinese and English books so I wish we could have a book reading and sharing club in my school. We could gather and read together once a week after school and share the books that we liked and recommend others to read them. We could also listen to some classical music while reading the books and enjoy the relaxing time. Reading and sharing would help classmates get some rest and release their stress at school by reading their favourite books, and it would also promote the habit of reading good books!

Lo Man-to, 10, St Francis of Assisi’s English Primary School

I’d like to see a Chinese Society offered at my school. Hong Kong is a part of China, so we need to enhance our Chinese language proficiency. This would also help because Chinese language is one of the most important parts of the DSE examinations.

Kelly Leung, 15, Tung Chung Catholic School

I would like to see an interview club where we could learn some techniques about interviewing, including what to wear to meetings. It is very important and useful in the future, but we don’t have many opportunities to improve our English interviewing skills.

Arthur Fan, 15, Kwok Tak Seng Catholic Secondary School

I would love to have some extracurricular activity related to football. Our school has basketball and volleyball teams, but no support for football. However, there are a lot of students who love football, more than that of basketball and volleyball combined. Football is also a sport that can bring our school together, as football knows no boundaries.

Kelly Au Wai-lam, 16, Tung Chung Catholic School

K-Pop dancing is a nice activity. The upbeat music can help us forget our stresses as we focus on the dances. Also, all of the actions and movements will give us confidence, and we will feel healthier after working our muscles. It’s also a good way to practise our social skills, as we can dance and make friends with groups of people.

Yoyo Pang Lok-yiu, 12, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School.

I would like have a cycling club in our school because it is an easy sport for secondary school students to participate in. It helps us stay in shape: Sarah Lee Wai-sze, who won a bronze medal in the 2012 Olympics, has a nice figure.

Chan Wing-yee, 15, Tung Chung Catholic School

I would like our school to offer a yoga club because it would help us relax and become stronger. It would also be a good way to meet friends who are also into yoga – we could talk about it together.

Agnes Choi Wing-yan, 15, Ma On Shan Tsung Tsin Secondary School

I would like to see a gymnastics club offered at my school. Too many students are couch potatoes who eat a lot of snacks but don’t do any exercise. Gymnastics can help with brain power and coordination since each movement is different and needs to be done smoothly.

Gymnastics could also help students improve their health and stop bad habits.

Christina Ho Cheuk-lam, 16, Tung Chung Catholic School

I would like to see a Jeet Kune Do club offered at our school. Jeet Kune Do is a martial art created by Bruce Lee, and learning it would teach us self-defence and help relieve tension. Let’s strengthen our mind through these techniques!

Vanessa So Lok-yan, 15, Ma On Shan Tsung Tsin Secondary School

A Cantonese opera club would be a good choice. Nowadays, not many teenagers know how to appreciate this part of Chinese culture. They see it as something outdated and uninteresting. But it is a traditional Hong Kong culture, so we should try our best to preserve it. A club would teach students more about Cantonese opera – they would become more interested in it.

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