Quality time with the relatives

Eunice Yip

This week, we asked our readers: what is your favourite family tradition? Here are our favourite answers

Eunice Yip |

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Held together by dumplings

I make mochi and dumplings with my family every Mid-Autumn Festival. It represents family unity. It’s especially delicious because we make it ourselves! Yum!

Eunice Yip, 16, Pooi To Middle School

Power off

It sounds weird, but my favourite family tradition is the banning of electronics when I get low grades. I am very bad at controlling myself, so this rule helps me. There are consequences for not concentrating.

Aldrin Cheung, 14, Munsang College

Grandpa’s favourites

My grandma makes deep-fried shrimp balls during all Chinese festivals. They are super-yummy because she puts a lot of effort into making them. She also says they were one of my grandpa’s favourite dishes.

Eunice Lou, 13, S. K. H. Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

No distractions

My favourite tradition is having family dinners. We chat and share stories with each other, whether they are happy or sad, without distractions like the television or mobile phones. We become closer while eating together.

Chan Choi-ying, 15, Tung Chung Catholic School

Head for the hills

Going hiking is my favourite family tradition because we are all so busy on weekdays. We don’t get much chance to meet, so hiking on the weekend is our way to talk about things and relieve the pressure.

Sunny Hon, 17, Workers’ Children Secondary School

Italian Sunday

Sunday meals are special in our family. Since no one cooks on Sundays, my parents let me choose what to eat. For me, that’s definitely pizza! I am always the first to pick up the phone and order. I love Pizza Sundays!

Richard Tse Chi-hong, 15, Immaculate Heart of Mary College

Lunar outing

We go on full-moon walks. The moon is so clear and beautiful during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Our family does a full-moon walk every year. It symbolises our unity.

Chiu Man, 15, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

Put the phones aside

My family plays board games at weekends. By doing this, l can spend time with my family instead of playing video games on my own. We gain a better understanding of each other. We also put our smartphones and laptops aside and focus on problem-solving and time-management skills. But the most important part is consistency; family traditions should be practised regularly.

Herman Chow, 14, Munsang College

Yum cha, yum yum

My family and I go to yum cha on Sundays at a nearby shopping centre. We usually order rice noodle rolls and lotus leaf rice first. My favourite dim sum dishes are steamed lotus buns and steamed Malay sponge cakes. They are so tasty! We talk to each other while waiting for the food to arrive.

Lily Lam, 13, S. K. H. Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

Ching Ming tradition

My favourite tradition is gathering with family members over the Ching Ming festival. We don’t have much time to see each other, so this helps us “bond” with our relatives. We eat and play games all day long.

Eunice Yung Po-yiu, 16, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

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