Top 10: What's the best job in the world?

  • We asked our readers what their dream career would be
  • From bank manager to artist and Minecraft builder, here's what they said
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Being an artist allows you to express your thoughts and feelings.

Being an artist is tops. They have the freedom to create whatever they want, but it’s difficult to make a living from such a career. Most people give up being an artist because they don’t make enough money. But I still want to be an artist. 

Artists can express themselves through their work. They can be their own person without being influenced by others. 

Artists can inspire people with their creations. This has a positive effect on society. Therefore, I think being an artist is the most terrific job in the world.
Hampton Chan, 16, Heung To Middle School

Almost everyone dreams about being a doctor or a lawyer when they grow up. But for me, the perfect job is definitely being a wildlife rehabilitator. They take care of sick, injured or orphaned wild animals so they can be sent back into their natural habitat.

I’m an animal-lover. I enjoy interacting with  everything from dolphins to lizards,  so I’m sure I would enjoy the job. Also, it would be meaningful to devote my time to saving animals. 

A wildlife rehabilitator is the best job – and my  dream job.
Livia Wong, 12, Marymount Secondary School

Top 10: What's your happy place?

A doctor, definitely. It’s one of the most popular jobs but you have to study very hard to become one. It’s worth it, though, because you look so cool on TV!
Yuri Yoshida, 16, Seikei High School, Japan

Probably an ice cream taster. I mean what kind of job pays you to eat ice cream? John Harrison, the former Dreyer’s “official taste tester”, has taste buds that are insured for a million dollars. A million dollars! I’d give anything to be an ice cream taster!
Vijay Sathappan Narayanan, 12, Island School

We're personally fans of this idea.

Different people have different opinions about the best job in the world.

I would love to be a bank manager. They get a good salary. They are also well-organised because they have to do important things like keeping the  money safe. 

They have to do a lot of paperwork and sometimes help the customers as well. They help society to function smoothly.
Kavish Chabria, 9, Kennedy School

Working as a waiter in the catering industry is the best experience in the world. I can study Cantonese while doing it. It would help me speak the language better!
Ye Hailin, 18, Yan Chai Hospital Tung Chi Ying Memorial Secondary School

I want to be a food critic because they eat delicious meals around the world.  They often write about food served in restaurants. I also write recommendations on OpenRice. 

If I became a famous food critic, I would be so happy. I’d travel all over the globe, eat meals prepared by famous chefs, and chat with them afterwards. This is the best job in the world because I simply love eating! 
Lo Wai-lam, 13, Fanling Rhenish Church Secondary School

What's your must-have back-to-school item?

The best job in the world is the one that I am doing right now – a freelance Minecraft builder.

You might not know what we “builders” do. We receive multiple “jobs” by email, with customers requesting we build certain things, for example, medieval kingdoms and mythical creatures. However, before the building starts, we discuss the price with the customers.

This is the best job because I can literally make a living out of Minecraft!
Simon Leung Man-kit, 18, Fung Kai Lui Man Shek Tong Secondary School

A YouTuber. Being a YouTuber lets you follow your passion. There’s no minimum age requirement. You don’t need a degree. You also earn a decent amount of money with ads and sponsorships. What’s more, YouTube is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. 
Keshav Gupta, 13, Renaissance College 

I believe the best job in the world is whatever that makes you happy. If you are still passionate about your work when you retire, that means you have chosen the right career and you should be very happy about it.

For some people, the best job may be being a parent, an astronaut, or a doctor. Whatever it may be, we should all respect each other’s preferences and live happily.
Ella Lee, 15,  Mainland Regional  High School, US

Next week’s question is: What’s the best thing to do on a sunny day? If you would like to share your answer, please send an email to [email protected], along with your full name, age and school.

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