Best Friends Forever: A shoulder to lean on

  • Readers submit stories about their best friends, from classmates to siblings to pets
  • From playing basketball to taking walks in the park, here's what teens do with their pals
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What are your top moments with your BFF?

My best friend is Kenny. I met him on a basketball court when I was in Form One. After that day, we became best friends. 

Even after playing basketball for three or four hours, we don’t feel tired, so we’ll usually watch a movie together. 

We talk about lots of things with each other, and we share our experiences. That’s what makes us such close friends.
Cheung Wing-leong, 15, STFA Seaward Woo College

My BFF is Hugo, who is in my class. We met this year and became best friends. He is a nice person, very responsible, and is willing to help others. That’s why he was chosen to be our class monitor. 

He is just like an older brother to me. He always takes care of me, for example, by reminding me about homework and deadlines. He is incredibly helpful. 

I am happy to have him as my best friend. I hope our friendship will last forever.
Ariel Chan Yik-yin, 12, Scientia Secondary School

Best Friends Forever: Instant connection

My two best friends are Cherry and Melody. We have known each other  for seven years. We first met way back  in Primary Two. When one of us faces  any difficulties, the other two will step in to help. 

Many people don’t believe that a trio can be best friends. They think someone will get left out at some point, and that person will leave the group. But that hasn’t happened to us. 

Today is the 2,634th day of our being best friends. I hope the friendship lasts forever.
Vesna Ho, 15, Fung Kai No. 1 Secondary School

One day when I was going home after school, I saw a cardboard box on the road. The words “Please adopt me” were written on the side. I found a cute white puppy inside. She looked so adorable, I just couldn’t leave her behind. I brought her home. Luckily, Mum and Dad liked her, too. We named her Hello. 

Hello was nervous and shy at first. But now she’s very playful and energetic. Every time I get home, Hello wags her tail, jumps on me, and licks my face. When I watch TV, she sits by my side.

Every evening after dinner, my parents take her out for a walk, so I can do my homework. On Sundays, I take her to the park to play. 

Hello is my best friend forever!
Jack Wong Sze-kit, 12, SKH Kei Hau Secondary School

Best friends until the end

I have a good friend named Tom, whom I’ve known since primary school. We have similar personalities, but different interests; for example, he likes sports while I prefer quieter activities.

After becoming good friends, I discovered that he is a cat lover. He has two kittens at home, and he loves them so much that he changed all the app icons on his phone to cats! 

Although we go to different schools, we keep in touch regularly. I hope we can be friends forever.
Johnson Lo, 15, Lingnan Secondary School

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