Write here: Your friends are the ones who lead you through the dark and into the light

By Teresa Kwok, 14, South Island School

We find out who our true friends are during times of struggle, as this poem illustrates

By Teresa Kwok, 14, South Island School |

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The place is deserted, quiet, scary.

The sky is dark and I can no longer see light.

The wind is sighing and the boughs are groaning.

I feel life is hopeless, helpless, meaningless.

With blurred vision, I look at the dark sky,

Feeling more lost than I have ever felt before.

The moon steps over and lends me her helping hand.

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I feel she is listening to me, holding me, hugging me,

Trying to give me a shred of warmth at a time when I cannot see any hope in my life.

Moon gives a shout, and all the stars appear and shine on me.

They seem to tell me: we are here for you.

When the sun rises,

You cannot not see where the moon and the stars are,

But when you are surrounded by darkness, alone with your sorrow,

They will always shine on you.

Edited by Charlotte Ames-Ettridge