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Teresa Kwok, 14, South Island School

This poem about different kinds of love reminds us of how it can pull us out of the darkness

Teresa Kwok, 14, South Island School |

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Love to eternity


A single word.

A word that means more than all others.

Strength and compassion,

Courage and light,

Hope and dreams.

Life is hard and tough.

People are stuck in the room of darkness,

Struggling with food, housing and jobs,

The government will be the light for them,

Guiding them, helping them, cheering them on.

Love bonds society together.

You cannot taste water when you have loads of delicious drinks,

But you will remember the importance of water when you are thirsty.

People succeed, people become popular, people become smart,

They need their teachers’ love when they are youngsters.

I am the only rose, staying lonely in the vase,

Sobbing, weeping in sorrow.

Tears are the only things making me calm.

Life is meaningless, hopeless, helpless.

Mum buys some roses and tosses them into the vase,

I no longer stay alone,

I can feel the love when they are hugging me.

They are friends and their love melts all of your sorrow.

Love from the family is like the grass in the park,

They aren’t beautiful, they aren’t eye-catching,

But you feel comfortable when you lie on it,

When your tears fall onto the grass,

They slightly move and wave, comforting you,

And they say: We are here for you.

They are willing to be the backup force when you are facing difficulties,

They are willing to be the shelter when you are homeless,

They are willing to be the canopy when it is raining.

No matter when, whoever you are, they are the ones who support you,

and love you the most.

Rain stops.

The sun comes out again.

A rainbow appears in the sky.

Every single colour in the rainbow represents different kinds of love.

When all of them join together in the sky,

You will feel gracious and you will spread messages of love to everyone in need.

Edited by Nicole Moraleda

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