Self-love in a time of coronavirus: 'Umami tears'

Jasmine Ho, Faustina Yick, Shraavasti Bhat
  • Three students from King George V School initiated ‘Umami’ - a series of poems and illustrations that speak to the hearts of Hong Kong youth today
  • They hope their works can be a source of comfort for readers as they navigate these hard-to-describe times
Jasmine Ho, Faustina Yick, Shraavasti Bhat |

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Prioritise community and self-love.

Umami tears along tongues tremble 

in their refraction
dissipate before we 
can taste 

the bitter 
and savour 
the sweet 

like tsunami 
waves engulfing

but only to retreat timid into 
the depths of the ocean 

we are left blissful in