Self-love in a time of coronavirus: Floral Slippers

by Jasmine Ho, Faustina Yick, Shraavasti Bhatustina Yick
  • Three students from King George V School initiated ‘Umami’ - a series of poems and illustrations that speak to the hearts of Hong Kong youth today
  • They hope their works can be a source of comfort for readers as they navigate these hard-to-describe times
by Jasmine Ho, Faustina Yick, Shraavasti Bhatustina Yick |

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Prioritise community and self-love.

i came to the sea Floral
Slippers hanging florid
on an orchid tree*

whimpering in sight of
      bellowing waves,
           pushing and pulling

its lovely stale
      soles clung to
           wrinkled branches

straps adorned
     with faded sequins
           old lady sweat

dripping from whispers
     of an early “I do”
           to frying heart-shaped sausages
her soul,
     simmered tepid
           now annealed

the Floral Slippers push and
push sea salt rinses chilled
scents away to be one with the
warmth above.

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