Take a look at the latest edition of our JR 'Zine, 'Progression'

  • The newest issue of our creative e-zine features stories about moving forward in times of confusion
  • Read what others wrote and submit your own work for the next issue, 'Challenge'
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Read the newest edition of our JR'Zine and submit your own entries.

The second issue of JR’Zine is out today! Progression is all about how our junior reporters have been moving on from the past few months of confusion, as well as acknowledging personal progression in other aspects of their lives.

It’s important to look at the journeys we are going through, whether it’s related to school, family or friends, so we can see if we’re moving forwards or backwards.

JR'Zine is a monthly e-zine and an extension of the junior reporters club that provides both creative and editorial opportunities for students. Junior reporters are invited to express their written and visual creativity by submitting work in relation to the current theme, which is then edited by their peers.

Take a peek at the first edition of our 'Zine

If you would like to contribute to the next volume, Challenge, here is the link to submission form (with all the details included).

You can also email [email protected] with 'JR'Zine' in the subject line if you have further questions.

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