5 ways to deal with homesickness while abroad

By YP cadet Jasmine Wang

Missing home? There are many ways to stop feeling homesick

By YP cadet Jasmine Wang |

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Here are some tips to deal with homesickness while abroad.

If you’re headed abroad for university, or are planning to study overseas, you’re probably feeling a whole mix of emotions about it. Moving to a new country is always exciting, but there’s also the worry that you might miss home. It’s OK, we’re here to help. Here are five ways to find a piece of home in your new city. 

Join a cultural club

Before classes start, first-year students are shown around the school’s campus and are introduced to all of the existing clubs.

Most universities will have cultural clubs such as an Asian or Chinese society, that allow students to meet people with similar backgrounds or those interested in learning more about their culture.

These clubs might also organise outings places like yum cha restaurants or Chinese opera shows that might remind you of home. If they don’t have the club you’re looking  for, you can always start your own and invite others to join!

Most universities have cultural clubs for international students.
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Asian item subscription boxes

There are subscription boxes that you can sign up for that will send you packages full of Asian goodies each month. That way you’ll be getting a regular dose of home from where you’re studying.

Whether its snacks you’re looking for, or beauty products, there’s a whole range of boxes to choose from online – and they’re pretty inexpensive, too! 

Letters from the dorm: how to handle feeling homesick when you’re studying abroad

Learn to cook some local dishes 

Many Hong Kong dishes are simple and are made with common ingredients. It’s amazing how tasting a familiar dish can take you back home.

It would also be a great way to share a part of your culture with the new friends you make at uni. Some easy dishes you can learn include: aubergine with minced pork, winter melon soup, and fried rice. 

Fried rice is an easy-to-prepare dish that is sure to take you back home.
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Hit Chinatown!

If cooking is really not your thing, your city should have a Chinatown that you can visit. The things you find in Chinatown are often clichéd and won’t really look like any part of  Hong Kong, but you will definitely be able to find snacks or other goods that you miss from home. If you’re lucky, you may even come across a bubble tea shop.

Letters from the dorm: tips on overcoming homesickness from a guy who knows the feeling well

Pop by a Chinatown nearby and pick up some snacks and goodies you miss from home.
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Keep using the language!

This may be a hard one to pull off, but using familiar language is one of the best ways to feel at home. If you have Chinese relatives, give them regular calls and communicate in their native language. 

Alternatively, if you can’t speak Chinese, you can watch a Cantonese movie or TV show. These are simple ways to stay connected to your culture.

Maybe you could even host language exchanges with your friends and learn the local lingo while sharing your own.

These tips are great for when you’re feeling a little homesick, but remember that being in a new country could be a great learning experience.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, explore the local cuisine, try different activities – after all,  you might discover something new to love!

Edited by Nicole Moraleda