Win a professional voice coaching and recording session with All Voice Talent

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Win a voice coaching session and the opportunity to record a voice-over under the guidance of a professional voice coach

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Students have the chance to train in a professional recording studio at All Voice Talent.

Voice Competition

Do you want to win a three-hour coaching session in a recording studio with Hong Kong’s top voice coach? And then record a professional voiceover?

All Voice Talent, in association with Top Schools is running a Speak Up! Voice Competition.

To enter, just answer this simple question:

Why is vocal confidence a crucial skill not just for school, but for life?

For full details on how to enter go to the competition webpage here.

Good Luck!

Speak Up! for teenagers

David Pope started his career as an Associate Producer and was responsible for casting actors in commercials.
Photo: All Voice Talent

Speaking with clarity and confidence is a skill that is not only essential for acing your oral exams but will also make you more influential, a stronger leader, and a more persuasive speaker. It will prepare you for internships, university life and your future career. In short, it is a skill for life. 

David Pope is the Founder and Managing Director of All Voice Talent, a voice coaching and voiceover agency in Hong Kong. Pope has dedicated his career to helping people find their voice.

Pope's career began in London where he worked as an Associate Producer, casting actors for TV commercials. "I had to listen to people's voices and see if they had the right voice," Pope explains. "That's when I started honing my ear to understanding the exact way a voice artist needs to match their voice to sell the product."
Pope founded All Voice Talent in 2010, as a voiceover agency providing voice talent for TV commercials, corporate videos, animations, e-learning products and digital games and toys.
As the company's reputation grew, Pope started receiving enquiries from professionals such as bankers, lawyers, and journalists requesting voice coaching to help them communicate more effectively. As a result, he created the Executive Voice Coaching Program, training executives 1 on 1 and running voice coaching group workshops.

"I want people to understand their voice and know how they can increase their vocal impact," Pope explains. "It's really all about authenticity and finding your own voice." When many executives he'd coached remarked "if only I'd had this voice training when I was young," Pope had a 'lightbulb moment'.

He realised there was a real need for these skills among younger people, so he created Speak Up! Voice Coaching Programs designed specifically for teenagers. 

There is a lot of pressure among students not only to perform well academically but to communicate their ideas with confidence and ease. This includes debating, presenting school projects, public speaking, and interviews. 

David Pope (centre) is the Managing Director of All Voice Talent and believes vocal confidence is a vital life skill.
Photo: All Voice Talent

Ryan Ho, a 15-year-old student at Australian International School who took the Speak Up! Voice and Confidence Program, notes that "vocal confidence is something that schools don't teach much, but I think it's really important because it affects how people perceive and see you as a person". 

Renee Conklin, HR consultant and accomplished Toastmaster says that when interviewing interns she thinks vocal confidence is critical. "I make a decision about whether or not to hire someone within the first few seconds of meeting them". 

Pope sums it up nicely, "In today's competitive world, speaking confidently can give you that extra boost."

Speak with Ease

Here are David Pope's top tips to become a more confident speaker: 

  1. Plan what you want to say and practice.
  2. Use the right voice for the right audience.
  3. Think about your volume, pitch, pace and articulation.
  4. And don't forget, eye contact, posture and gesture are also very important.