If you love science, technology, engineering or maths, sign up for International STEMathon 2019


This is a chance for like-minded STEM students to join forces and solve real-life problems


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Hong Kong’s efforts in promoting STEM education over the years has seen the emergence of a lot of local talent. These young, brilliant minds are all great in their fields and waiting for their time to shine.

The International STEMathon 2019, of which Sun Life Financial is title sponsor, offers students a chance to exchange ideas with overseas peers and use their combined talents to provide viable solutions to real-life problems.

In this 30-hour hackathon-style challenge on March 28 and 29, local students will team up with students from Beijing, Guangdong, India, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand, to solve a specific issue in relation to this year’s theme, Ocean Protection”.

Open to secondary school students in Forms 3-6. Each school can nominate one or two teams of 10 students 

How to enter:
To enter the challenge, schools are required to submit a brief description which details students’ outstanding performance in STEM fields. After careful screening, 16 schools will be shortlisted for the competition.

The Winner, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up will receive certificates of achievement. Each shortlisted student will receive a certificate of participation.

This challenge can be considered as part of your Other Learning Experiences.

We would like to know your solutions, enter the competition and tell us! Register here!

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