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Latest Articles

BTS’ ‘Dynamite’ and Blackpink’s ‘Ice Cream’ use this secret weapon to become global hits

6 thoughts we had watching the Raiden x Chanyeol remix video

‘The Clockwork Crow’ book review: Catherine Fisher’s gothic YA mystery tale

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, second female Supreme Court Justice, dies, had wished to remain until new US president was installed

Asking for a Friend: Help! How do I stop procrastinating when I have so much freedom because of online learning via Zoom?

Best Cover

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Best Feature

<a href="">Summer JRA - Best Feature</a>

Best Op-Ed

<a href="">Summer JRA - Best Op-Ed</a>

Best Face Off

Bianca Chan for Should the government enact standard working hours? (Affirmative)

Lucinda Kam for Should the Copyright Amendment Bill 2014 be passed? (Affirmative)

Naz Iraj for Should we remove trams from Central? (Affirmative)

Rai Anna-L for Are traditional rituals still relevant in modern life? (Negative)

Dhruv Singh for Should teenagers have privacy rights? (Negative)

<a href="">Summer JRA - Best Face Off</a>

Best Photographer


<a href="">Summer JRA - Best Photographer</a>

Best Report

Henry Lui, Joshua Lee, and Julia Cheung for Diving into DSE results day reporting

Jenny Ng Hong-yu for "A tango on the taste buds" in Dine with Alex the lion and his friends from Madagascar at Macau

Belinda Ng for "More than flying a plane" in Junior reporters go behind the scenes with Hong Kong Airlines

Anushka Purohit for "Vegetable goodness" in Celebrating Vishu by treating your taste buds

Lola Wong for What’s live reporting really like? Young Post cadet finds out!

<a href="">Summer JRA - Best Report</a>