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Students of GSCM participate actively in local and overseas work experiences.

Time has passed in the blink of an eye and this is my last year at PolyU. Looking back, I have participated in various activities in that have enriched my university life.

PolyU is a place where I have met friends that I will cherish for life. I remember how I met my first group of friends at the student halls of residence. I first moved into the halls 3 years ago and I have never felt bored living there because there are always people there you can hang around with. We have spent numerous sleepless nights chatting, watching movies and playing games in each other’s rooms.

I am an avid traveller and the past three years at PolyU have given me a lot of opportunities to explore the world and gain a global perspective with visits to various countries. I was an exchange student at Ryerson University in Canada for a semester. During that time, I made friends with people from different parts of the world and learned about different cultures. I remember there was an “International Night” dinner event where we sat together sharing traditional dishes from our hometowns.

Ng (middle) with her students in Hangzhou.

Last summer, I went to Hangzhou as part of Service Learning, a compulsory course at our university. Service Learning is different from other voluntary works. Throughout the project, teachers guided us on how to promote positive youth development for underprivileged children and adolescents on the mainland.

Towards the end of the project, we went to a primary school in Hangzhou and practised the theories and skills that we had learnt. We provided educational support for a week. We built close relationships with students and the experience has definitely been rewarding and memorable to me.

As a student of global supply chain management, our university and department has given us a lot of work-related opportunities. Last year, I joined a study tour organised by our department to the UK where we paid visits to different ports and companies such as Tesco and John Lewis. We learned from professionals of related fields about real-world business operations.

I also joined the aviation practicum programme last year, where I visited top airlines and airports as well as received professional training on knowledge and skills of the aviation industry. I even worked as student consultant for Hong Kong Airlines Limited and gained hands-on experience.

Apart from academic knowledge, my friends and all the valuable experiences and memories are the key takeaways from my years at PolyU that I will cherish forever. 

Sophie Ng is a Year 4 student in the Global Supply Chain Management programme at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

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Edited by Kate Lok