Corporate executive turned children's book illustrator Libby Lam proves that it's never too late to follow your dreams

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Lam's latest work Crispy Children made it to number three on Eslite's bestseller list for children.

Libby Lam, a current student of Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Hong Kong, has recently published a children’s book entitled Crispy Children, which went on to become an instant bestseller in Hong Kong.

A mother of two and a former corporate executive, Libby is a part-time student of SCAD,  studying a variety of creative courses, including Illustration and Sequential Art.

Despite a natural passion and talent for art and storytelling, social norms and parental influence put Libby on a traditional educational path. Two degrees, an MBA and a successful corporate career ensued, but the desire to be creative could not be dampened. After giving birth to her two daughters, she realised how children’s books have the power to bring about positive changes to the world.

When Libby attended SCAD’s Open Day in 2011, she was inspired to go back to pursue her artistic career after a conversation with some of the professors. In Crispy Children, she credits her daughters and husband for their support and also gives a touching nod to Professor Damien Fox at SCAD, who helped empower her to realise her dreams.

“My professors at SCAD have been very supportive, offering me a tailor-made course and really motivating me to realise my dreams. Crispy Children is meant to inspire, it is about having the strength to listen to your conscience. I hope it teaches as well as entertains the children who read it,” Libby said

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Edited by Kate Lok