JUST READ IT Answers: Why a restaurat owner changed his menu to vegan and fooled his meat-eating customers [September 5, 2018]

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1. He introduced vegan food to the menu without telling customers.

2. His life                             

Bought a restaurant (4)

Changed his diet (3)

Worked with Sea Shepherd (1)

Returned to Hong Kong (2)

3. C

4. (i) spending

(ii) only

(iii) Although/While

5. Being vegan/veganism

6. Became seen as normal/ normal practice/ done by a lot of people/common

7. People thought he was weird/unusual for being vegan.

8. (i) T

(ii) NG

(iii) F

9. By not forcing the idea down people's throats./By showing people vegan food doesn't have to be fancy, it can be normal./By using a soft approach.