JUST READ IT Answers: How Georgia Freedman, an American food writer fell in love with China’s Yunnan province and its cuisine [May 15, 2019]

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1. (i) set foot in

(ii) talked me into

(iii) freaked out

2. because of a textbook about noodles from that region / because of a textbook their professor wrote about noodles from that city/ because they wanted to try crossing-the-bridge noodles from that city(any 1)

3. D, B, A, C 

4. C

5. She worked in politics and was a waitress. (2 marks)

6. B

7. Yunnan food 

8. because the government discourages it/there is a push from the government not to do it 

9. because "Yunnan" means "south of the clouds", and it is a book of Yunnan food