Only 18 places on the early childhood education programme at EdUHK up for grabs among 1,492 students

By Ben Pang

The early childhood education programme at Education University is the most competitive degree programme for graduating Form Six students, with 83 students duking it out for each spot

By Ben Pang |

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The most competitive bachelor’s degree programme this year is early childhood education, with 1,492 students applying for 18 places at Education University

This year, the most competitive bachelor’s degree programme among graduating Form Six students is early childhood education. The same programme was the most competitive last year too. The degree course had the most students, who received their HKDSE results on July 12, applying for the least amount of places available. Students wishing to change their applications were given the option to do so last week on their Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) accounts.

Some 1,492 students applied for 18 places on the early childhood education programme at Education University (EdUHK) – that means there are 83 students competing for each spot.

Hok Yau Club Student Guidance Centre director Ng Po-shing told Young Post today that the course remains popular as it’s the only fully government-funded undergraduate degree programme in the city. The launch of the free kindergarten policy for the 2017-18 school year has also contributed to the surge of people selecting this programme.

Other popular courses are sports management programmes at the EdUHK, Chinese University (CUHK) and Baptist University (HKBU), like the physical education and recreation management programme at HKBU. This year, this bachelor’s degree course has attracted 1,062 applications for only 26 places. This means only one in 41 students will get a place. 1,145 applicants are competing for 29 places in the bachelor of education (physical cducation) course at EdUHK. The physical education, exercise science and health bachelor’s degree course at CUHK has 563 applicants competing for one of 20 spots.

The competition for communication (film major – animation and media arts concentration) at HKBU has also been fierce. This course has 554 applicants fighting for one of 14 places – that’s 40 students competing for a single spot.

The competition for the social policy and administration course at Polytechnic University (PolyU) was also tough, with 743 students competing for 20 places – meaning only one in 37 pupils will get a spot.

There are 582 applicants competing for 25 places for the bachelor of arts course (history major) at Lingnan University. Applied social science at the City University was also popular, with 1,717 applicants fighting for 113 places.

Environmental management and technology at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology had 100 applicants vying for 15 places, and 1,192 students applied for the bachelor of arts at the University of Hong Kong, which only has 377 places.

Competition was very fierce in the government-subsidised higher diploma programmes at the PolyU too. The hotel management course was very popular, with approximately 3,948 applications made for 40 places – that’s just about 100 students competing for each place. The international transport logistics higher diploma course also attracted 1,497 applications for only 30 places.

The results of this year’s JUPAS will be announced on August 7.

Edited by Ginny Wong