University of Cambridge and HKU team up to offer unique opportunity for science students

University of Hong Kong undergraduates could spend two years in the highly esteemed British institution and earn three degrees in four years

Nicola Chan |

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The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is collaborating with Britain’s University of Cambridge to offer a scheme that would allow undergraduates to earn up to four degrees in natural sciences within four or five years, according to a press release published today by HKU. 

Starting next autumn, students on the HKU-Cambridge Undergraduate Recruitment Scheme (Natural Sciences) will earn a Bachelor of Science degree (after two years) from HKU, and a Bachelor of Arts degree (two years) from Cambridge. With a further year of study, they will also earn their Master of Science degree (one year) from Cambridge. 

A Masters of Arts degree is also conferred on all Cambridge graduates a certain number of years after graduation.  

Jupas 2020 application deadline postponed 

Successful candidates will not only study at Cambridge, but will also be given opportunities to take part in summer research fellowships, overseas research fellowships, international scientific conferences, and research mentorship programmes. 

The Scheme applies to selected HKU’s 6901 BSc students admitted to the Young Science Scheme (YSS), a programme providing outstanding students with early research experiences. 

The statement says that, as the Cambridge-track is a competitive scheme for high-calibre students with excellent academic credentials, it is expected that the number of students selected for each cohort will not normally exceed 60 per cent of the YSS population. 

Pro tips for completing your Jupas application

HKDSE candidates who select 6901 BSc Programme as one of their three Band A choices on their Joint University Programmes Admissions System (Jupas) forms will be invited to indicate their interest in the Scheme by January next year. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview in May 2020.

Potential candidates must take Extended Modules 1 or 2 in Mathematics (M1/M2), and acquire level 5 or above in English. Students who perform well in the interview and achieve a HKDSE score of 35 or above in their best subjects (which must include Category A subjects and M1/M2) will earn a place on the scheme. (Level 5**, 5*, 5, will be converted to 8.5, 7, 5.5 points respectively, while the remaining levels are worth the same number of points as the level.) 

Non-Jupas applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis. IB students will require higher level mathematics, and selected applicants will be invited to enrol for the YSS/Cambridge-track. 

More information can be found here