HIGHER REACHES ANSWERS: Shrimp and chive tortellini with sake beurre blanc [December 17, 2019]

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1. C

2. to decorate the dish when it is finished / as a garnish (any 1)

3. It uses sake instead of white wine. 

4. Chopping the shrimp with a knife means the filling still has some texture, while using a food processor will result in a puree / too fine a mixture. (any 1)

5. to prevent the tortellini from sticking to the baking dish 

6. The emulsion formed between the butter and liquid will break and fat will float to the surface.

7. (a) iv

(b) i

(c) ii

(d) iii

8. (i) F

(ii) F

(iii) NG

(iv) T