NEWS QUIZ QUESTIONS: How well do you remember last year? [February 20, 2018]

Put down your phone, step away from the computer and see how many of these questions you can answer about the past Year of the Rooster


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What's going on here?

Okay, guys, no Googling! Answers at the bottom. Good luck!

1 Which typhoon was given the only No 10 warning signal during the year?

2 What political event led to the term “DQ” being used a lot in conversations in the city?

3 Three politicians ran for Hong Kong’s top job – the Chief Executive position after CY Leung Chun-ying said he would not seek another term. Which of the politicians was nicknamed Mr Pringles?

4 In April a controversial sport was included in the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. What was the sport?

5 Which horror movie, an adaptation of a book by Stephen King, smashed box offices this year?

6 What happened in Saudi Arabia for the first time?

7 US President Donald J Trump has had a war going with players of American football, because some players chose to bend on one knee during the national anthem, to protest against police treatment of african americans. The player who started the movement, despite being a good player, was unable to find a contract last year. What is his name?

8 What is the name given to tiny flats – smaller than 20 sq ft, which have mushroomed around city districts such as Sham Shui Po, Wan Chai and Central?

9 What did the journal Science name as the 2017 Breakthrough of the year?

10 The Hong Kong Football Association had to pay Fifa a fine of HK$23,255 because...

11 The (abbreviation) “Daca” has been used a lot in the news recently. It has to do with the children of illegal immigrants being allowed to stay in the United States. What does “Daca” stand for?

12 China launched the world’s fastest bullet train. It was also the first bullet train entirely designed and made by Chinese engineers. What is it called?

13 In November, the World Health Organisation stopped a terrifying plague dead in its tracks by quickly delivering 1.2 million doses of free antibiotics to which country?

14 One of Nasa’s space probes sent back images from a moon that showed it might be the likeliest place in our solar system to find other life forms. The craft later crashed into the planet’s atmosphere and broke up. What was the craft’s name and which planet was it observing?

15 Which megastar revealed in September that she suffers from fibromyalgia, a disorder that causes widespread pain?

16 Google’s artificial intelligence system took on China’s Ke Jie in May. Ke Jie is a world champion of the game the played. What is it?

17 An ultracool dwarf star with seven Earth-size planets orbiting it, was discovered. What is the name given to this planetary system?

18 Which home-grown action movie broke box office records in China?

19 What great honour was bestowed on President Xi Jinping this year?

20 Selena Gomez suffers from Lupus, and this year she had to have an organ transplant; which organ did she receive?

And then this happened...

Here are some photos from news events during the year, can you tell us what the fuss was about?

a Something caused a big commotion at the 89th Academy Awards ... what happened?

b South Korea’s Yura Min and South Korea’s Alexander Gamelin compete in the figure skating team event ice dance short dance during the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games at the Gangneung Ice Arena ... what happened?

c Oumuamua was first seen in October... what is it?

d Something caught Donald Trump’s eye, it wasn’t “little rocket man”, what was it?


How many did you get right? Find out! Here are the answers.

Edited by Nicole Moraleda