JUST READ IT ANSWERS: Start the new year by sparking joy with a wardrobe detox [February 12, 2020]

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1. post-holiday blues

2. (i) Marie Kondo 

(ii) the writer 

3. B

4. The author is also not the size of a fittings model.

5. (i)

(ii) NG 


(iv) NG

6. (i) trends 

(ii) good/flattering (any 1)

(iii) must-have

7. puff sleeves/florals/Bermuda shorts/polka dots/tailoring/leopard print (any 3)

8. longevity/durability/quality/avoiding things that have a negative impact on the environment (any 1)

9. (i) ban 

(ii) sheds light on

(iii) sustainable