JUST READ IT ANSWERS: The Cirque de Soleil star who found rejuvenation and inspiration on Lamma Island [January 1, 2020]

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6 thoughts we had watching the Raiden x Chanyeol remix video

1.    B

2.    10 years

3.    i) NG

ii) T

iii) T

iv) F

4.    She enjoyed the sounds of nature (1), Cantonese opera performances (1), and the recordings of Indian musician Ravi Shankar (1)

5.    1 B; 2 C: 3 A

6.    Lamma

7.    (a) thriving, (b) gallerist, (c) burgeoning,

8.    Any three of the following


barking dogs


stinging centipedes

poisonous snakes

giant spiders

wild boars



breathtaking sunsets

jam sessions

dragon dancers

cymbals and incense

9.    Performing her own compositions / (in a show called Alis) (1) and learning Italian culture, music and language. (1)