JUST READ IT ANSWERS: The Cirque de Soleil star who found rejuvenation and inspiration on Lamma Island [January 1, 2020]

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1.    B

2.    10 years

3.    i) NG

ii) T

iii) T

iv) F

4.    She enjoyed the sounds of nature (1), Cantonese opera performances (1), and the recordings of Indian musician Ravi Shankar (1)

5.    1 B; 2 C: 3 A

6.    Lamma

7.    (a) thriving, (b) gallerist, (c) burgeoning,

8.    Any three of the following

barking dogs
stinging centipedes
poisonous snakes
giant spiders
wild boars

breathtaking sunsets
jam sessions
dragon dancers
cymbals and incense

9.    Performing her own compositions / (in a show called Alis) (1) and learning Italian culture, music and language. (1)