HIGHER REACHES ANSWERS: Why 700 million in China are waiting for glasses, and how to fix the problem – a Hong Kong philanthropist’s vision [June 19, 2018]

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1. Uncorrected eyesight could hamper the country’s social and economic development

2. (i) there is a lack of specialist doctors, especially in rural areas

(ii) people are spending more and more time staring at computer and phone screens

3. (i) problems 

(ii) population 

(iii) analysis 

4. Improving peoples’ eyesight is linked to poverty elimination, access to quality work, a good education, gender equality and other positive consequences. /Correcting people's eyesight is linked to several of the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations.

5. (i) impact

(ii) injuries 

(iii) vision

6. myopia/short-sightedness

7. A  

8. Either of: Most ophthalmologists are based in big cities and not in rural areas / The cost of distributing glasses prevents poorer people from rural areas buying them.


10. Business leaders, policymakers and the non-profit sector need to work together to enhance eye health services.