14 incredi-bull English vocabulary words for the Year of the Ox

  • Add something new to your writing this Chinese New Year with these words all about bulls
  • What other words and phrases would you add to our list?
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We don't want to bully you; we just love giving you new vocabulary words to use.

Many English words end in the suffix -able or -ible, which sounds like the English word for “bull”. The addition of these letters means capable of something or suitable for something. So here are 14 words to add to your vocabulary as we enter the Year of the Ox.

Abom a Bull

Abominable: Yes, you know it as the abominable snowman, the mythical ape in the Himalayas. But really it means awful!
In use: Jenny’s homework is abominable; she really needs to improve her writing.

Eddy Bull

Edible: able to be eaten
In use: The dessert looked like it had been dropped on the floor, but looks are not everything, it was quite edible.

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Vince the Bull

Invincible: impossible to beat
In use: From earlier reports, the college team looked invincible, but Rose thought she could find the team’s Achilles heel.

Flexi Bull

Flexible: able to bend and twist easily
In use: You have to be really flexible if you want to be a contortionist.

Amy Bull

Amiable: friendly and easy to get along with
In use: We were terrified to talk to the star, but she was quite amiable and soon we were all drinking boba tea together.

It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's Incredibull!

Empress Bull

Impressionable: easily influenced, open to ideas, trusting and vulnerable
In use: Tweens are too impressionable to be playing violent video games, the psychologist said.

Manager Bull

Manageable: able to be handled, even though it might be difficult
In use: While many students were upset by the notice that exams would go head, regardless of the pandemic, Tony thought the workload was manageable.

A Counter Bull

Accountable: being responsible or in charge of something
In use: Trump followers say he is not accountable for the action of the rioters on January 6.

A Dora Bull

Adorable: sweet and cuddly like a baby
In use: Delia looked adorable in her little emperor clothes.

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Gunther Bull

Comfortable: at ease and relaxed
In use: As soon as we were home we could get out of our uniforms and into comfortable clothes.

Ink Ready Bull

Incredible: amazing, wonderful, unbelievably good
In use: Phoebe might seem very shy, but believe me, she has an incredible voice and sounds like she’s a pop star.

Porter Bull

Portable: able to be transported. Not fixed in place. Easily carried
In use: I have to say, a portable pool is really only big enough for toddlers.

Sooty Bull

Suitable: being right or appropriate
In use: Huge bows are not really suitable for school.

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