Show off photo prompt: Popping in to say hello!

  • Think you can write a funny photo caption? Each week, we present to you one photo, and it’s up to you to submit a wacky description of about 15 words
  • This week, caption a pic of an unusual way to make an entrance
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What on Earth is going on in this picture? Photo: Simon Song

Why is there a man in the ground? What is he thinking? Why are all these people looking at him?

Think you can write a funny caption? Send us your most creative ideas (15 words max.) by filling out this form or emailing [email protected] by December 1 at 11.59pm. We’ll publish the best captions next week.

Best captions from last week’s contest

A fancy feline visits the Cat Art exhibition by Japanese artist Shu Yamamoto at Harbour North shopping centre in North Point. Shu Yamamoto added cats to 61 well-known masterpieces from around the world. The paintings were presented in chronological order from when the original piece of art was created. Photo: Nora Tam

Hebe Yung Tsz-ching, 12: Imposter!

Holly Yeung Hau-ni, 12: HHow dare you make me look this hideous! I am beautiful!

Hazel Wong Hei-man, 13: He stole my appearance. I’m going to report the painter for not giving me credit!

Vivian Chan Hoi-ching , 13: Cat: My self-portrait, The Meow, was inspired by the shock of empty food bowls.

Tina Zhao Hong-rui, 10: Hold your paws! Who is this ugly cat?

Nicole Leung Wing-tung, 11: OMG who is he? Why is he copying me ?

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