Show off photo prompt: This looks like a hairy situation

  • Think you can write a funny photo caption? Each week, we present to you one photo, and it’s up to you to submit a wacky description of about 15 words
  • This week, we give you a picture of an animal just trying to get some shopping done
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Sir, I require your assistance finding what I need, please get off your phone! Photo: Acemaker Movie Works

What animal is staring at the man? Why is it looking so intently? What is the man doing? What do you think happened?

Think you can write a funny caption? Send us your most creative ideas (15 words max.) by filling out this form or emailing [email protected] by December 26 at 11.59pm. We’ll publish the best captions next week.

Best captions from last week’s contest

A diver wearing a Santa Claus outfit, as part of Christmas celebrations, feeds fish inside a tank at the Aquaria KLCC in Kuala Lumpur on December 23, 2020. Photo: AFP

Fion Chow Wing-lam, 14: Are these animals presents for us?

Parry Kong Pak-lok, 15: Even Nemo needs his Christmas gifts.

Valerie Chiu Wing-yee, 11: Santa: I can give you anything as a Christmas present except my oxygen tank.

Vivian Chan Hoi-ching, 13: Santa: Doing underwater sports keeps me fit for climbing down chimneys on Christmas Eve!

Hazel Chau Nga-ching, 11: Is that Aquaman pretending to be Santa, or Santa pretending to be Aquaman?

Antonia Ng Ka-kei, 10: Santa: I’ll deliver presents on a stingray this year instead.

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