5 Minute Listening: In a pickle at the airport

  • Polly and her brother’s short trip to Bangkok didn’t almost happen because of a missing passport but his best friend came to the rescue
  • Listen to the audio file and check your answers below
John Millen |

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*You may find the answers at the bottom.

Wayne:    What time did you get back last night?

Polly:       We landed at seven o’clock. We only had one one piece hand luggage so we didn’t have to hang around waiting for any baggage. Straight onto Hong Kong airport express and home. I was in bed by ten o’clock.

Wayne:    That’s quick! Did you have a good time?

Polly:       It was brilliant once we got there!

Wayne:    Once you got there? What do you mean? Was the flight delayed? That reminds me of last year when I flew to Bangkok with a budget airline. The plane was delayed five hours.

Polly:       Oh, no. Nothing like that. We’d booked on a full-service airline. No problems with the flight at all. On time both going out and coming back.

Wayne:    So what happened?

Polly:       It was my brother. You know how he always says he is the most well-organised person in the world and writes lists for everything. Well, I guess not this time round …  

Wayne:    Did he screw up?

Polly:       He most certainly did. Big time! Mum and Dad had treated us to this short trip to Bangkok as Chee-cheong had just passed his driving test last week and it was my birthday the week before. They’d said they would pay for our holiday as a gift. The only downside was that he would be my travelling companion.

Wayne:    Oh, come on! It’s not that bad!

Polly:       You think not? 

Wayne:    Of course, I mean how bad can it be? Anyway, what happened?

Polly:       We both checked in online, and agreed to meet at the airport at seven. The flight wasn’t until ten thirty, and we wanted to have a quick dinner before the flight. He arrived right on the dot, and turned white when he realised he’s left his passport on the bedside table in his bedroom.

Wayne:    Oh, my goodness!

Polly:       We were in a proper pickle. I must give him credit though. Chee-cheong is a quick thinker. Once he had gotten over the shock of it, he called his best friend David who lives a block away, and has a key to his place.

Wayne:    And was David at home?

Polly:       Thankfully, he was! And he saved our bacon! David managed to get a taxi to the airport and got here an hour just before our boarding time at nine thirty. What a relief! You should have seen the look on Chee-cheong’s face when David came running towards us waving the passport!

Wayne:    Phew! So all’s well, that ends well!
Polly:       It was. Chee-cheong was very quiet during the flight.  Now that we are back, he’s buying David a very expensive dinner to thank him for rescuing our trip.

Wayne:    For sure, that's the least he could do.

Polly:       Totally. So what have I missed at work?  Has anything exciting happened whilst I’ve been away?



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