VOCAB ANSWERS: Speak your mind [June 1, 2020]

  • There is an important difference between ‘to speak’ and ‘to say’
  • Check your answers
John Millen |

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Speak your mind

A May I speak to the manager?

1. speak

2. say

3. speak

4. said

5. spoke

6. speak

7. said

8. speak

B Yesterday

1. spoke

2. said

3. spoke

4. said

5. spoke

6. said

7. spoke

8. said

C Phrasal verbs / idioms

1. e

2. a

3. h

4. b

5. c

6. d

7. f

8. i

D Say cheese

1. Speak up

2. spoke volumes

3. say the word

4. say what you feel

5. speaks her mind

6. say cheese

7. does what it says on the tin

8. has a lot to say for herself

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