HIGHER REACHES ANSWERS: Hong Kong’s wealthy ‘silver seniors’ create gap in market for high-end elderly homes [September 1, 2020]

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1. the number of affluent Hongkongers who are retiring soon exceeding the number of places available in high-end elderly homes

2. They are usually at the bottom storeys of mixed-use buildings, and are basic in their layout, design and furnishings, with limited additional services.

3. They offer safety features and access to facilities./ They provide one-stop access to various services.

4. acquiring buildings en bloc and converting them into comprehensive home for the elderly centres, or purchasing land for development

5. (i) d

(ii) a

(iii) b

(iv) c

6. (i) F

(ii) F

(iii) NG

(iv) T

7. The sector was hardly hit by the US-China trade war, and the city’s social unrest and coronavirus outbreak, which had affected affect retail property rental and capital values.

8. C

9. B