VOCAB ANSWERS: Look lively! [September 14, 2020]

  • To ‘look’ at something is to turn your eyes towards it so you can see it
  • Check your answers
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Take a good look over there!

What sort of look

1. a

2. b

3. b

4. a

5. a

6. b

Which look?

1. lookalike

2. dirty look

3. look ahead

4. black look

5. long, hard look

6. look-in

7. good look

Verb phrases

1. f

2. d

3. b

4. a

5. g

What are you saying?

1. b

2. a

3. a

4. a

5. b

6. a


1. look as though you’ve seen a ghost

2. look like a drowned rat

3. look like death warmed up

4. Look lively

5. looking daggers at me