STUDY BUDDY ANSWERS: Tackling airline food waste to reduce the amount that end up in the trash [January 27, 2021]

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1. B

2. (i) Food on aeroplanes is wasted.

(ii) They load more food than they need onto flights.

(iii) Perishable food has to be thrown away and replaced.

3. (i) T

(ii) T

(iii) NG

(iv) F

4. based on the design of the meal’s tinfoil/using AI and image recognition to identify meals by their tinfoil

5. harnesses/ leveraging (also acceptable)

6. to minimise the risk of animal disease transmission

7. by burying or incinerating/burning them

8. (i) It works with Hong Kong NGOs to send food to the needy.

(ii) They collect food items and donate them to various locations across the city.

9. C