HIGHER REACHES ANSWERS: Veganism: it's not just about what you eat, but an entire way of life [October 2, 2018]

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3. People on the internet who criticise new vegans asking questions about veganism [1 mark] // and say they aren’t “vegan enough” [1 mark]

4. Look for the “leaping bunny”/ V symbol

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8. “You know, I’m not super-concerned about this part of being vegan. It’s warm enough here that I don’t need too many layers; I guess I do need to check our detergent label, though, to see if there’s any animal stuff in what makes it so bubbly.” (clothes)

“This part of veganism really bothers me, actually. Like, I get not buying huge fluffy pelts, but it’s not as if some weird underwater thing in a shell has a brain, or even knows why we value what they produce so much.” (accessories)

“I actually got a really nice set from my brother for my birthday and thought it was all just minerals or something, but I was shocked to see the label and realise that I was putting another lifeform right on my face! So gross.” (cosmetics)