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You have probably heard these news terms being discussed in the papers or on TV. This is how to use them in English:

1. 泛民 - pan-democratic

Pan-democratic chief-executive candidate Albert Ho Chun-yan slammed Beijing for screening out those whom they consider as "confronting the central government" from running for the post.

2. 一黨專政 - one-party dictatorship

Because I love the nation, I don't want to see a one-party dictatorship, which means that the Communist Party's interests are more important than the whole nation and its people.

3. 第一夫人 - first lady

China's first lady, Peng Liyuan, stepped into the global limelight and became an internet sensation back home.

4. 建制派 - pro-establishment

Qiao Xiaoyang, chairman of the Law Committee under the National People's Congress, spoke with almost 40 pro-establishment lawmakers in Shenzhen.

5. 篩選機制 - screening mechanism

Qiao's explanation on the qualifications of a chief executive candidate paved the way for a screening mechanism ahead of the chief executive election in 2017.