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Olivia Chavassieu
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Leaders lay firm foundation for ties

by Cary Huang, in Beijing

SCMP, page A1 and A5 November 18, 2009

1. Leaders lay firm foundation

- to build a foundation -

2. ...anti-terrorism, climate change and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons

- to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons in the world -

3. Presidential summit tackles key issues

- to start dealing with -

4. ... continue to have consultations on an equal footing

- an equal basis -

5. ... accommodate each other's core interests

- fundamental interests, the most important interests -

6. ... on his [Obama] maiden visit to China

- first (state) visit -

7. he [Obama] certainly harboured no intention...

- to have -

8. Yesterday's summit, coming within a year of Obama taking office

- to start his official position of President -

9. set the tone for a relationship that will have a global bearing

- worldwide effects, consequences -

10. to rally the world around a solution

- to bring together, to unite -