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Olivia Chavassieu
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Upmarket tourism plan for disputed archipelago

by Kristine Kwok in Beijing
SCMP, page A1 and A7 January 6, 2010

1. China is planning to develop tourism in the disputed Paracel archipelago
- The Parcel archipelago is 'disputed' because both China and Vietnam claim they are part of their country. An archipelago is a group of islands -

2. The State Council announced last week that China planned to turn the Paracels into a tourist destination, prompting protests from Vietnam
- provoking -

3. Details of Beijing's plans ... remain sketchy
- rough, incomplete -

4. formal tourist visits to the islands could start this year following a trial run involving a group of mainland tourists
- test -

5. the only structures are some rudimentary "guesthouses"
- basic -

6. their use would be based on scientific feasibility studies
- studies that find out what is doable and what isn't -

7. a plan was shelved in 2007 after strong protests from Vietnam
- postponed -

8. ..said that China had "indisputable sovereignty" over the islands
- definite ownership -

9. Malaysia has developped a resort on one of its atolls
- islands of coral that encircle a lagoon partially or completely (see image below) -