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Zhao blamed Jiang for stalling political reforms, ally writes

by Vernu Yu

SCMP, page A1 & A5 January 8, 2010

1. the ousted party general secretary thought...

- expelled -

... his successors had obstructed nascent political reform and put China on the path of corruption

- stopped the growing -

2. after he was toppled in the wake of the Tiananmen crackdown

- fired as a result of -

3. Zhao blamed Jiang's Theory of the Three Represents for stalling the country's political reform process

- delaying -

4. Du was barred from seeing Zhao from 2001

- forbidden -

5. condemned the emergence of what he saw as crony capitalism

- friendship between business people and people from the government that gives business men an advantage in getting government contracts -

6. A privileged bureaucratic clique has been formed in China

- group -

7. Zhao also castigated the leadership for monopolising political power after crackdown

- criticised -

8. Beijing had resorted to suppressing public opinion

- decided to suppress -