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Olivia Chavassieu
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Unfiltered Google unlikely to last

by Staff Reporters in Beijing and Reuters in San Francisco

SCMP, page A1 & A4 January 14, 2010

1. Beijing shows no stomach for unfiltered information on the internet

- doesn't like -

2. its Chinese-language mainland search engine would no longer adhere to increasingly strict censorship requirements

- follow -

3. ... leaving Beijing to maintain its stranglehold on cyberspace

- complete power over -

5. Despite the possible public relations fallout, Xu and Liu Deyou...

- negative consequence -

... said the government was becoming increasingly assertive and unyielding in the face of international criticism

- firm and stubborn -

6. there is no turning back for Google... the die is cast

- there is no turning back, events will proceed in an irreversible manner-

7. although this is not the first time Google has been at odds with the government since's launch in 2006,

- in disagreement -

... its statement is its fiercest attack yet on Beijing's sweeping internet filtering system

- toughest -

- extensive -

9. The company has come under fire for its arrangement with the authorities to
purge the results of searches on sensitive topics

- has been criticised -

- remove -