Frontpage words - January 20, 2010

Olivia Chavassieu
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by Greg Torode

SCMP, page A1 and A8 January 20, 2010

1. Obama is in a similar predicament after one of the most bruising starts to a presidency in modern US political history
- difficult situation -
- difficult -

2. Despite facing the in-tray from hell from his first day in the White House, Obama has managed...
- very challenging list of national issues -

3. The striking sense of American political renewal and purpose offered by Obama in his historic election victory may have dimmed domestically amid the business of governing, but it still flickers in parts of the region
- reduced -
- exists -

4. By putting his faith in diplomacy over hawkishness Obama has won praise...
- an aggressive political line -

5. a clever piece of political theatre that obscured the fact that Washington never really left under Bush
- hid -

6. On Obama's first mission to the region - marred though it was by difficulties in getting his message out in China ... - he repeatedly stressed the importance ...
- imperfect -

7. Beijing's repeated jibes about Washington's 'cold was mentality'
- aggressive remarks -

8. For many analysts, it was a statement that overrode difficulties between Washington and Tokyo
- cancelled -

9. one in which problems in one area do not thwart progress in others
- prevent -

10. China's economic clout was vital at a moment of crisis
- influence, power -

11. offers opportunity to further buttress the relationship
- support, reinforce -

12. White House visit by the Dalai Lama could rock ties
- damage relationships -

13. Obama will be hoping for continued quiet progress given his looming struggle to turn his four years at the helm into eight
- forthcoming and threatening -
- in command -

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