Script: Listening Exercise 39

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Listen to these four people talking about the people who live next door to them and then fill in the question boxes with the relevant information.

Part I

Voice 1: I get on very well with my next door neighbour. We’re really good friends. I’ve known him for five years... from the day he moved into the flat, in fact. His name is Danny Chan and he’s a primary school teacher. He’s twenty-seven years old. He’s not married and lives on his own. He’s got a girl friend but she doesn’t live with him. He’s taller than me... and quite thin. He’s got short black hair and wears glasses and he always wears cool clothes. He is very helpful and since my dad died he’ll help me with jobs in the flat if I get stuck. He’s a good listener and always make time for me if I’ve got any problems. He is really amusing and always makes me laugh if we have dinner together, which we do at least once a week. But he can be a bit boring when he talks about his job. And sometimes he can be a bit forgetful. He forgot my birthday last week and there’s no excuse for that because it’s the same day as his sister’s.

Voice 2: Do I get on with my next door neighbour? Oh, yes... very much so. I don’t get on with all the people on my floor, but the lady next door is Mrs Tan and she’s great. She was eighty last birthday, but she is really fit and healthy for her age. She’s got white curly hair, wears glasses and always has a smile for everyone. She moved into the flat next to me six years ago after her husband had died. Sometimes when I see, her she will not stop talking. She talks for ages and I can’t get away. And would you believe it, she smokes! Mrs Tan’s a very kind person. She’s always happy. And she’s very intelligent. She used to have a top position in a bank before she retired. Yes, I get on with Mrs Tan very well.

Part II

Voice 1: My neighbour is called Carrie Lam. That’s C-A-R-R-I-E L-A-M. I’ve known her about two...oh, no... about three years. She moved into the flat next door about six months after I moved in here. She’s got long back hair and always looks very glamorous. She works on the cosmetic counter in a big department store in town. I can’t remember which one. I would say she’s about twenty-five years old. She’s not married and lives here with her mum and dad but I don’t see much of them. I get on really well with Carrie. She’s good fun and I’ve been out to dinner a few times with her. She very friendly and will always stop for a chat when I see her around. And she never gossips like the other neighbours do. But sometimes she is only interested in talking about herself and doesn’t listen to what you have to say. And in my opinion she wears too much make-up!

Voice 2: My best friend lives next door. His name is Paul and he’s thirteen, the same as me. He lives with his mum. His dad died three years ago. He’s quite short and has short black hair. He used to wear glasses but he’s got contact lenses now. We’ve known each other since we were both two years old. He’s really brilliant at maths and always helps me with my homework. He’s a good tennis player as well and he knows a lot about Japanese pop music. But sometimes he’s a bit impatient when we do something he really doesn’t want to do. And he can lose his temper very quickly. But he very rarely loses it with me. We are good mates.