Script: Listening Exercise 48

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Voice 1: It’s Jenny’s birthday next week. She’ll be 16 on the 12th. As a special present, her parents have said she can have her bedroom renovated with new furniture and decoration. Listen to Jenny talking to her mum about what she would like her new bedroom to look like.

Jenny: This is the best present ever, Mum. All my friends think I’m so lucky.

Mum: You will have to think very carefully about what you want done.

Jenny: I know exactly how I want my bedroom to look. I’ve been searching through loads of magazines to get ideas.

Mum: We’ll go and see the decoration company next week so as long as you know what you want by then.

Jenny: I hate the plain white walls in my bedroom now. White is so boring. I want my new walls to be light blue.

Mum: That’ll be nice.

Jenny: And... I know you won’t like this... but I want a green carpet. Light blue and green are my favourite colours. My bedroom will look so cool.

Mum: Green? Not green with light blue!

Jenny: Now, Mum. Just listen.

Mum: But green!

Jenny: I want the room to be colourful. I’m going to choose brightly coloured striped bedding... with lots of blues and greens and reds... lots of bright colours. No flowered patterns or plain colours or anything like that.

Mum: Striped curtains as well?

Jenny: Curtains?? I don’t want old-fashioned curtains. I’m going to have a pull-down blind at the window. I don’t know what colour yet, but I want a simple blind.

Mum: What about bookshelves?

Jenny: Yes, there is room for a couple of tall bookshelves on the wall opposite the door. I want light wood. Sally’s got some cool bookshelves in her bedroom. They’re Swedish design, almost up to the ceiling. I want some just like hers.

Mum: Where’s the desk going to go?

Jenny: Against the wall at the end of the bed. Then I can watch TV on my PC when I’m in bed.

Mum: Right.

Jenny: And a big cupboard for my clothes in the space next to the door.

Mum: There will only be room for one big cupboard.

Jenny: On one side of the bed I’ll have a bedside table with a reading lamp and on the other a low chest of drawers.

Mum: Do you want to keep the light in the centre of the ceiling?

Jenny: Yes, that’s okay. I’ll choose a new colourful shade.

Mum: Okay.

Jenny: I don’t want the speakers for my PC just sitting on the desk. I’d like them fixed to the wall over the bed.

Mum: That’s a good idea.

Jenny: And the bedroom door... I want the bedroom door dark blue.

Mum: That will look good with the light blue walls.

Jenny: I’m not having any posters on the walls. I’ll have a notice board over the desk for notes and photos. But no posters. I want a classy picture on the wall. Nothing cute or girly. I want a picture that I won’t get tired of looking at. I’ll have to put a lot of thought into that. A modern art print perhaps. I can’t wait to get it all done! You and Dad couldn’t have given me a better present.