Script: Listening Exercise 66

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PETS HAVE TALENT is one of the most popular shows on television. Janice Lai is a researcher for the programme. Part of her job is to interview pet-owners

who want their pets to take part in the show. Listen to these three interviews and then fill in each Pet Profile.

Interview 1

Janice: Good morning, nice to meet you. Thanks for coming.

Owner: Good morning. Nice to meet you, too.

Janice: Let’s talk a little bit about the pet that you’d like to appear on 'Pets Have Talent'.

Owner: Yes, that’s Jack, my German Shepherd dog.

Janice: Can I take a few details, please? What's your full name?

Owner: Mancy Chan.

Janice: N-A-?

Owner: No, no. Mancy. M-A-N-C-Y.

Janice: And your contact number, Mancy, please?

Owner: 5-5-7-1 6-0-3-2

Janice: And your home address?

Owner: Apartment 65A, Sunshine Villas, 78 Queen’s Road, Wan Chai.

Janice: Now onto Jack. He’s a German Shepherd, you say.

Owner: Yes. Black and gold.

Janice: How old is he?

Owner: He just turned seven.

Janice: Right, Mancy. Now, what’s special about Jack? Why should he be on our programme?

Owner: He is an assistance dog for my mother who’s blind and lives with us.

Janice: Really?

Owner: He does a lot of little jobs for her in the flat and acts as a guide dog when she goes out.

Janice: Wonderful. Does Jack belong to your mum?

Owner: No. He’s my dog but is obviously very close to my mum as well.

Janice: How long have you had him?

Owner: He was a rescue puppy. I got him from a dogs’ home when he was six months old. He really is an amazing dog as you will see if he gets onto the show.

Interview 2

Janice: Good morning. Thanks for coming to this first interview.

Owner: Hello. It’s a pleasure.

Janice: What pet are you putting forward to appear on 'Pets Have Talent'?

Owner: Roger. My goldfish. He's a genius.

Janice: Really? A goldfish!!!!! O...K...Can I take a few details, please? Your full name first.

Owner: Louis. L-O-U-I-S.

Janice: And your family name?

Owner: Lee. L-E-E.

Janice: And your contact number, Lousia, please?

Owner: 3-6-3-2 0-4-1-4

Janice: And your address, please?

Owner: Apartment 3, Garden House, 7 Garden Road, Choi Hung.

Janice: Now, some information about Roger. He’s a goldfish, you say.

Owner: Yes. He’s a gold fish but he’s got a black head.

Janice: How old is he?

Owner: He’s must be about three. I won him at a carnival three years ago.

Janice: Right. Okay. And what’s special about Roger? Why should he be on television?

Owner: I’ve trained him to perform tricks.

Janice: Really?

Owner: Yes. He can play football. He can swim through a tube. And he can collect plastic rings.

Janice: That’s most unusual.

Owner: Well, I did tell you he was the most intelligent goldfish in the world

Janice: How long have you had him, did you say?

Owner: About three years. I won him at an Easter carnival in Victoria Park. I’ve had Roger for three happy years.

Interview 3

Janice: Good morning, nice to meet you. Thanks for coming.

Owner: Good morning. Thank you for calling me to come in.

Janice: Can I take some details, please? What's the name of your pet?

Owner: Buster.

Janice: Buster? How do you spell that?

Owner: B-U-S-T-E-R

Janice: And he’s a ...?

Owner: Rabbit. A pure white, long-haired rabbit.

Janice: Could I have your name and phone number?

Owner: Yes, I’m Vivian Lau. My phone number is 6400 8765.

Janice: And your address, please, Vivian?

Owner: Apartment 308, Blue Villa, 45 Sky Road, Yuen Long.

Janice: Now onto Buster. A black and white rabbit, I think you said.

Owner: No, no. Buster is all white.

Janice: How old is he?

Owner: He’s four and a half years old.

Janice: Now, what’s special about your rabbit? Why should he appear on 'Pets have Talent?'

Owner: He can perform all sorts of tricks. He’s really clever.

Janice: For example?

Owner: He can jump through a plastic ring that I hold up. He can count up to three. And he can pick out a photo of me from any group of photos.

Janice: Wonderful. He sounds really talented.

Owner: I’m training him to do lots of other things as well.

Janice: How long have you had him?

Owner: We got him a month after he was born. A friend owned his mother. She had four babies and three of them died. Buster was the only one who survived, so he’s been a very special rabbit from the day he was born.