Script: Listening Exercise 175

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Voice: In their spare time, Jenny and Linda help out with ‘Paws Pet
Rescue’, an animal charity. Last Saturday was the charity's annual flag day, and both girls volunteered to take collection bags around different parts of town. They met up on Saturday evening to discuss how the day had gone. Listen to their conversation and then answer the questions.

Jenny: How did you get on today? I thought you might have called
me to compare notes, but I didn’t hear from you all day. Were you okay?

Linda: The whole day was great. I did intend to call you at lunch
time, but I didn't bother to take a break. It was so busy because there were a lot people around so I decided just to stand there and carry on. I'd brought some biscuits with me and something to drink, so I thought I’d just stay put. But I must admit I was dying for a sit down when three o'clock arrived. I'd told George I'd collect from ten until three. The time went very quickly.

Jenny: It didn't for me. I've never known a morning drag as much as this morning did. It was more boring than being at school. I started at half past nine. It was quite busy for the first hour and then things just tailed off. There was no one about at all.

Linda: Where were you collecting? I know you told me but I've forgetten.

Jenny: In Statue Square next to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Linda: I'd have thought it would have been busy there. You're near a MTR station and loads of offices. It should have been a prime location.

Jenny: I thought so too. But it was as dead as a churchyard after half past ten.

Linda: Did you count up how much money you took?

Jenny: Yes. Don't laugh. All in all I collected the princely sum of one hundred and five dollars fifty cents. A complete waste of time. I bet you collected a mint.

Linda: Well, I did a bit better than that.

Jenny: Go on! Make me jealous.

Linda: Well, I didn't add my money up actually, but there was more than a thousand dollars.

Jenny: Wow! Did anyone else collect more than that?

Linda: I don't know. I didn't speak to anyone when I took my collection bags in.

Jenny: Bags??

Linda: Yes. I had to use a second bag when the first one got full. I'd brought a spare with me.

Jenny: You will be the star of the show!

Linda: Oh, I don't think so. Patti Lee always does well on the flag day. She always picks herself a good position in a shopping mall. You know how pushy she is. She bullies people into buying a flag.

Jenny: I bet you’ll have collected the most when all the bags are

Linda: Well … we’ll see you know, some of the people who walked by were quite rude. They just ignored me when I asked if they would like to buy a flag. Some bought a flag but didn’t want me to stick it on their clothes. But it was a good day. I didn’t know what it would be like standing there on my own but I’m glad I volunteered and I will certainly do it again next year.