Script: Listening Exercise 198

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Polly: Hi, Jennifer, it's Polly ... Hope you’re well. I was wondering what you're doing two weeks on Saturday, the 31st. It’s my father’s sixtieth birthday and we’re organising a surprise dinner for him. I know you and he used to get on really well when you worked together. He doesn’t know anything about the dinner. It’s going to be a complete surprise. I don’t think you and dad have seen each other for a few years, and I know he’d be chuffed if you joined the family for our little celebration. He’s always said that you are the best Personal Assistant he’s ever had! He can be a bit awkward at times, and I know you knew exactly how to deal with him. Check your diary and let me know if you can join us. I’ll let you know when and where later. Get back to me as soon as you can. Thanks, Jen. Bye.

Ken: Hey, Paul. It’s Ken. I thought I’d see you at basketball tonight, but you weren’t there. Are you okay? Anyway, I wanted to ask you something. My boss has given our team half a dozen tickets to a French food evening at the ‘Trade Winds’ Hotel. You know the one, next to the Convention Centre. It’s next Friday evening, the 6th. It starts at 8pm. A chef from Paris is going to give a talk about French food and then the guests will sample some of the dishes he’s cooked. But only four people in the office have shown any interest in going. We don’t want to waste a ticket, and I know you love European cuisine. So what are you doing on the 6th? Would you care to join me? Give me a call back as soon as you can. And, let me know why you weren’t at the sports centre tonight. We were a man down. Ok. I’ll hear from you soon. Night.

Louise: Hi, Jason, it’s Louise. How are you? It’s my class’ annual barbecue next Saturday, and I was wondering if you’d like to come? We can each bring a friend if we want to, but we’ve got to let Miss Chan know by tomorrow evening. It should be great fun. We’ll go for a short hike in the afternoon and then end up at the BBQ site. I really hope you can come. You know some students in my class, anyway, so you won’t feel left out or anything. You remember Matt West? The guy on the student exchange programme? He lives with a family in the same apartment block as your aunt, or something. Well, he’s a good cook and he’s promised to prepare some Australian barbeque goodies for us. That should be delicious. So, do you fancy joining us? Please let me know ASAP because we’ve got to get final numbers sorted out tomorrow. Ok. Looking forward to hearing from you.