SCRIPT: KATHY’S NEW JOB [September 18, 2019]

Wait long enough and people will surprise and impress

John Millen |

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Ahmad: Hey Zoe! Guess who I saw earlier?

Zoe: I haven’t a clue. Whom did you see? An ex-colleague?  

Ahmad:Yeah! I just saw Kathy Chan! Do you remember her?

Zoe: Of course! I was so glad when she left.

Ahmad: Same here! She’s the bossiest and most self-centred person I’ve ever met.

Zoe: All she did was talk about herself and how capable she was, when in fact all she did was to suck up to the bosses. I don’t think any of us stayed in touch with her after she resigned. 

Ahmad: Who would? Anyway, I was grabbing my usual cup of coffee this morning when I saw her in the cafe. She was just sitting next to the cashier, wearing her usual flamboyant clothes and speaking over the phone in her fake British accent. My attempt to avoid her failed and she called out to me as soon as I paid for my drink.

Zoe: Oh! It must have been so awkward. So, what has she been up to? Did she tell you all about her wonderful, highly-paid job? She posted, sorry, I meant boasted on Facebook a while back about a new tech company she’s recently joined. Did they promote her after she told everyone how amazing she is?

Ahmad: Ha ha. Not quite. She only worked there for two months when the company closed down, and she’s been between jobs ever since.

Zoe: Oh wow! I wasn’t expecting that.

Ahmad: And you’re going to love this. It seems that she’s in a bit of a financial debt now that she is retraining for a new career.

Zoe: Is she going to be a film star?

Ahmad: Of course not!  She is training to be a … wait for it … bus driver!

Zoe: What?  You are pulling my leg.

Ahmad: I wish! She even said it’s something she’s always wanted to do as a kid.

Zoe: Unbelievable!

Ahmad: She even said it pays well, and the hours are flexible, unlike  working in an office.

Zoe: I am stunned. To be honest, I have seen a lot more female bus drivers recently and they are much better drivers. They are more cautious on the road too. But Kathy Chan driving a bus will be just like Godzilla hosting a children’s party. Can you imagine?

Ahmad: Ha ha! That’s hilarious!

Zoe: Well, good luck to her! And I mean that. Thanks for giving me a heads-up because if I had been waiting at a bus stop and saw her driving a bus, I would have dropped down dead from shock.

Ahmad: We must warn the others as well. You know what? I might just start taking taxis from now!