SCRIPT & AUDIO: I’M TOAST [Jan 15, 2020]


Leo tells Ginny about his dreadful morning. Will Chris ever forgive Leo for what he’s done?

John Millen |

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Ginny: You’re an hour late! I thought we were meeting at two o’clock so we could get to the beach earlier and set things up.

Leo: I’m so sorry. It’s been a dreadful morning. Wait till you hear what I’ve done. This is such  a disaster.

Ginny: Geez! You’re as white as a sheet. What’s the matter?  Are you all right?

Leo: No! Obviously not! Do I look like I’m okay?

Ginny: Calm down! I was only asking.

Leo: Sorry. It’s just that the most awful thing has happened.  I’m toast!

Ginny: All right. Now, take a deep breath and tell me what’s happened.

Leo: I wanted to take some great photos at tonight’s birthday barbecue and make a photo book for Ali.  

Ginny: What’s a photo book?

Leo: It’s a photo album you create online. You can choose what photographs, captions and even cartoons to add to the album, and customise the background and frame for each page. Once you’re done, you can order a print copy of the album!

Ginny: Wow! That’s really cool! That’s the perfect present for Ali’s 18th birthday.  

Leo: Yeah, we got my mum a photo book for her 40th birthday last year and she loved it. Anyway, I asked Chris if I could borrow his camera for the day. He got the camera a couple of months ago, and saved up over a year to buy it.  

Ginny: And? Did he lend it to you?

Leo: He did, and now I wish he hadn’t. My brother isn’t known for being clam; he’s going to be really mad at me.

Ginny: You haven’t left the camera in the taxi, have you?

Leo: Much worse than that. The camera fell out of my pocket as I was getting out of the taxi. It landed on the pavement and the lens cracked.  I’m toast when I get home.  Chris is sure to be fuming!

Ginny: Oh, that’s dreadful.  Can you get it repaired?

Leo: I guess so. I’ve no idea how to face him when I get back home tonight, though. I should probably emigrate to Australia to escape his fury.

Ginny: If you explain what happened and say you will pay for a new lens, I’m sure he’ll understand.  Accidents do happen. 

Leo: I hope so. And now he’ll never trust me with his stuff ever again. I should have been more careful!    

Ginny: Stop beating yourself up over it. Chris’s reaction might not be as bad. I’m sure your brother knows you didn’t do it on purpose. Come on, let’s get to the beach. And while we’re at it, you can put the camera in my backpack. It’ll be safe there.