LISTENING ANSWERS: Coronavirus: Which approach are governments taking? [April 2, 2020]

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1. to inform the audience how governments around the world are dealing with Covid-19/the coronavirus  

2. A

3. It responded too slowly / It was slow to respond.

4. establish an aggressive testing regime; trace patient movements and contacts; enforce strict quarantine measures

5. He suggested “herd immunity” as a way of controlling Covid-19, and this is unrealistic because it could result in more than 250,000 deaths/60 per cent of the UK population to be infected with the virus, and overwhelm intensive care units.

6. Taiwan; Tehran

7. D

8. (i) no corrections

(ii) Initial responses to stop people from entering and leaving affected areas were effective inadequate/ineffective.  

(iii) The entire country subsequently went into lockdown, and social mingling distancing rules were enforced.  

(iv) Factories that produce basic non-essential goods were also shut down to curb the spread of the virus.  

9. (i) measures

(ii) scrambling

(iii) crisis

10. B

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