VIDEO: JuJu Chan, the 'female Bruce Lee' and 'Wu Assassins' Netflix star [April 3, 2020]

  • The martial artist is following in the footsteps of other Hong Kong action movie stars such as Donnie Yen and Jackie Chan
  • Listen as she talks about her experience and plans
Doris Wai |

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Watch the video and answer questions 1-10 

1. Guest: (i) __________
Her background: She loved watching (ii) __________ as a child, and started learning (iii) __________ when she was 10. She has also represented Hong Kong in various championships, including (iv) __________.

2. How does JuJu Chan feel about being compared to Bruce Lee?  
A. humbled and flattered
B. surprised and excited
C. nervous and uncomfortable   
D. embarrassed and shocked   

3. Which word at the beginning of the video describes someone who is “very successful and admired”? 

4. Type(s) of martial arts Chan is NOT professionally trained in (circle the correct option(s)):

karate  /  judo  /  wing chun /  nunchaku

5. Listen to the middle of the video (2:18-3:17). How has Chan’s training in martial arts helped in her career as an actor?  ______________________________________________________________________________________

6. How much time does Chan spend exercising on average every day?
A. no more than an hour
B. less than four hours
C. half a day
D. none of the above

7. Listen to the end of the video (5:12-6:06). Why does Chan mean when she says “I don’t know how to fit it into the equation but I love Meryl Streep”, and why? (2 marks)    

8. Based on the video, are the following statements about JuJu Chan True (T), False (F) or Not Given (NG)? (3 marks)  

(i) She had to wear a wig in Wu Assassins.  
(ii) She clinched gold in the international Thai Boxing championships. 
(iii) One of her films was shot in Cyprus. 

9. What does the word “again” used at the very end of the video imply about the city’s film industry?
A. Global demand for old-school action films is on the rise.
B. Budding local filmmakers should consider establishing their careers overseas.
C. Renowned directors such as Zhang Yimou are crucial to the revival of the action films.
D. The golden age of Hong Kong action films is now a distant memory.

10. What of the following BEST describes the style of this video?
A. vlog
how-to guide
profile interview

Click here for the script

Click here for the answers 

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